Systems Engineering

Solutions to Complex Systems

Linux can conjer up visions of text terminals and graphics that look like they’ve come straight out of “The Matrix”- the love of which proves our staff are true geeks. Yet, unlike the stereotypical “geek” experience, our staff are accessible, reliable, and even friendly (though Matt will tell you, also direct!). Our fantastic systems team’s skill and support is not a cleaver marketing slogan, once you experience it we have every expectation that you will be referring others.

Systems engineering at Khoza has its beginning in Matt Simonsen’s roots as a LAMP systems administrator in the startup scene. Back in the day, when hardware wasn’t in a cloud, and systems administrators had to plan things months in advance (whether a T1 line or colo cage). This part of Khoza historically has been for clients who hosted with us, but over the years as cloud made hosting a commodity Khoza has helped clients expand onto other platforms. We regularly do projects as varied as simple site migrations, tuning database servers, debugging code, monitoring to spot outages, and building disaster recovery sites. With our team of systems experts, front end specialists, and back end specialists, Khoza has the right specialists to solve all but the most complex problems.

One way our team will set itself apart is by living up to our promises. We will not build a system that can “never” go down (since we recognize this is impossible). We can build highly available, multi-site hosting environments. We regularly build sites that easily stand up to what used to be known as the “Slashdot effect” and sites that respond very quickly to even the most aggressive bots (Google, Yahoo, etc). Ultimately, when you bring us a project, even at the first sales call, you will be told exactly what we can and cannot do, or that in order to help we will need to start a billable project so we can really understand your situation.

You can also be sure that with multiple staff who individually have been managing servers for more than a decade, we are up to this task. Khoza and many of its partners have been working together for more than a decade, and our team is stable and loyal, which is critical to managing a platform clients often expect to serve them for many years.