What We Do For You

Systems Engineering

Linux can conjer up visions of text terminals and graphics that look like they’ve come straight out of “The Matrix”- the love of which proves our staff are true geeks. Yet, unlike the stereotypical “geek” experience, our staff are accessible, reliable, and even friendly (though Matt will tell you, also direct!). Our fantastic systems team’s skill and support is not a cleaver marketing slogan, once you experience it we have every expectation that you will be referring others.

Custom Hosting

Web hosting has changed rapidly, with companies rapidly starting up and just as rapidly becoming consolidated. Khoza Technology was in the middle of the growth period, with its first site going live in 2004, and from the start our service is what set us apart.

Software Integration

Our software development team Is a small team of experienced, skilled professional who normally build small to medium projects (25-500 hours), though we have successfully taken on projects that started out small and grew to over 1,000 hours. With our development roots in partnering with our hosting clients, we excel at providing software development for graphics professionals, web intergrators, and IT shops that need custom web applications built for their own clients.