Jesse Hammil

“How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?”

– Pink Floyd

Moving to Amador County from Walnut Creek when he 7-years-old, Jesse’s family was looking for a place where they could raise kids and a few chickens and enjoy some elbow room. Upon graduation from Amador High School, Jesse enrolled in a technical school to pursue his passion for computer-related activities. After spending eight years working for an electronics manufacturer building flight school console wire packages, he investigated an opening at Khoza Technology. Jesse is the first person to successfully complete a rigorous Khoza intern program, finishing his obligations months early.

Today, Jesse cares for the web hosting needs of Khoza clients, and helps keep the company’s data centers hardware running properly.

Jesse and his wife, Genevieve, have an energetic, inquisitive son, Jaxon, and a more sedate daughter, Sarah. They enjoy working with their church youth group, helping out with meetings and activities whenever they can. Like his parents before him, Jesse is also taking advantage of his rural residence by raising some chickens along with the children.

Jesse is known around the office as the foot-in-the-mouth guy, keeping the rest of the team laughing as he makes bold statements he later needs to clarify.


  • Joomla Gantry expert
  • W3 Schools certified in HTML, CSS, PHP


  • Sneaking out of office without cleaning the coffee pot
  • Shooting the youth group students with air soft guns


  • The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis


  • I need to be right sometimes – Himself


  • White Shadow