Custom Hosting

Solutions to Fit Your Needs with Direct Access to our Team

Hosting from a services provider

Web hosting has changed rapidly, with companies rapidly starting up and just as rapidly becoming consolidated. Khoza Technology was in the middle of the growth period, with its first site going live in 2004, and from the start our service is what set us apart.

Support: by a dedicated, local team

When you call Khoza Technology, you can’t help but notice we are different. We have a variety of hosting plans, but it is our staff that really sets us apart. Programmers and systems administrators are not difficult to reach, in fact our very “top” staff often answer the phones so that we can provide the very best service to our clients.

But what about the platform?

We often get asked where we run the equipment … being that Amador County isn’t an urban area this is a great question! Khoza Technology leases space in 2 large data center companies, we use several cloud providers, and ultimately focus on picking the best solutions available for our customers. Sometimes we run the whole platform, other times we simply manage others’ resources, or both (‘hybrid cloud’).

Shared Hosting

The standard hosting plan is ideal for most individuals and small companies whose email and website needs are simple. The majority of our shared hosting clients are on this plan, because even as our smallest plan, most businesses never use a fraction of what this plan includes. There are no hidden “gotchas” that will force you to upgrade, and with this plan you get the great Khoza support that our customers have told us time and again is the best in the business.

  • Plesk 12 control panel
  • 4GB hard disk space
  • 50GB network bandwidth
  • 10 email accounts
  • Nightly backups, 24×7 monitoring
  • 2 Mysql databases
  • Perfect for Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and other PHP applications
  • $10/month

For hosting call us at 209 217 8236 x3, or use our contact us form for inquries.

Xen Virtual Hosting

Xen virtual servers are a great way to get the isolation, flexibility, and power of having your own private server without the cost of dedicated hardware. They can be upgraded to support additional CPUs, RAM, and hard disk space at any time. In some cases where the most performance is needed, we have even moved virtual servers seamlessly to fully isolated hardware.

While this platform does not include management, we have many clients successfully running small production sites, disaster recovery sites, and single-purpose machines (DNS, SMTP backup, etc) on this flexible platform which can be upgraded at any time it is needed to support even multiple CPUs, double-digits of RAM, and TB of hard disk space.

We offer full management on all our products and this one is no exception, so you can begin using this platform with the confidence that Khoza can help you at any step in the process.

  • 256MB RAM, 10GB disk space, 50GB network / month
  • Monitoring for ping and SSH
  • Problems may be fixed by install of new machine with a clean OS
  • No admin time included, but may be added on a contract or monthly basis
  • $25 / month

For hosting call us at 209 217 8236 x3, or use our contact us form for inquries.

Dedicated Hosting

The founder of Khoza has been using the Intel-based Proliant server platform since the first version of their DL rack-mount series of servers. These machines run with stability that is better than any machine we know of and can be trusted under even extreme loads.

While VPS and cloud computing often is a better choice for small projects, for very large workloads that require constant use, dedicated servers can be a much more cost-effective. Our team can help you navigate the choices and help you decide what decision will work best for you.

What seperates Khoza from the crowd …

  • Khoza offers servers in multiple world-class data centers. Server co-location offers the reliability, performance, security, and scalability of being in an environment built to power your site 24x7x365
  • Your custom project does not scare us, indeed we are happy to make custom quotes for what you want. Lots of RAM, but little hard disk? Little CPU, but lots of hard disk space? Whatever you need, Khoza can build it.
  • Questions will get real answers from skilled Unix administrators … that you get to work with directly. You will not get passed around, or stuck on hold hoping that your message makes it to the “next level” of support.

For hosting call us at 209 217 8236 x3, or use our contact us form for inquries.


Not all applications allow for a standard build, but Khoza can offer colocation (colo) space in our cabinets. For clients who prefer to not make data center trips and have more specific needs than a large colo provider offers, Khoza can make data center service as painless as a cloud product. Our team is available to support your system 24x7x365, monitoring your network, providing remote and on-site support. The data centers our company use, which are SAS70 certified, provide world class uptime, security, and stability. They are protected with backup power, including UPS and diesel generators, and are located in an electric grid that is designated as “highest priority” during outages. With 24/7 support, monitoring and troubleshooting, and support plans available at a reduced rate, you can’t go wrong with Khoza colocating services.

For hosting call us at 209 217 8236 x3, or use our contact us form for inquries.