Amy Simonsen


“This Day is Bananas.”

–¬†Kelly Kapoor

Amy has been the soul of Khoza and “the owners” most valuable advisor since the company was founded. Her wisdom and insight has helped guide SRI to where it is today, along with her creativity to think of both our names! Amy has experience in data administration as well as HTML and CSS and even a little programming. But at SRI she is the HR, billing, and payroll and she does it excellently. She does a great job making sure all the employees are well taken care of which not only enables the rest of us to do what we are good at but keeps us very happy doing it. Which is why everyone loves her so much!

When Amy isn’t taking care of bills or employees she loves homeschooling her three children, enjoying time with Matt, playing the piano and spending time with family and friends.


  • Quiet by Susan Cain


  • Watching her children do “big things”
  • Playing Piano, Writing Songs, and Singing


  • I buy ya books and I buy ya books. – Don Rock, Father