A Brief History

Lean the story behind the name

Khoza Technology is the latest version of the former SRI Hosting, Inc. which was founded in January of 2005, growing out of a consulting business focusing on providing managed hosting for small and medium sized companies. Our mission was “Service – Reliability – Integrity” and that focus permeates everything we do. The employees at Khoza are consistently challenged to live up to this mission, with our goal to make whatever we do notable and something you can confidently recommend to everybody you know!

The name was intended to help keep the foundational principles of Service, Reliability and Integrity always in mind, and those principles still guide Matt and his team today.

It all began In 2004, when Matt Simonsen and his wife moved to Amy’s hometown in Amador County, California and started their own consulting company. Digging deep into his imagination, Matt came up with the company’s name, Simonsen Consulting. The following year the company was incorporated and renamed SRI Hosting, Inc., to better reflect a focus on providing turnkey managed hosting solutions on LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP/Perl) platform. The name was intended to help keep the foundational principles of Service, Reliability and Integrity always in mind, and those principles still guide Matt and his team today.

Soon after incorporating in 2005, Matt hired his first paid employee, a welcome team member who could help Matt as he struggled to juggle everything. That worked out so well, SRI continued to slowly add staff. Through all the growth and change, one important principle has remained unaffected; always provide the best possible service with respect and honesty. Though the business is in the high-tech industry, where rapid growth and high cash-burn startups are so common, SRI has remained a different kind of company. There is no expectation of a billion dollar valuation, however SRI has no debt, has been profitable since day one, has always provided exceptional service, been a steady partner, and has grown slowly through referrals from happy clients. In fact, one of those first companies Matt worked for, Careercast, now called Adicio, signed on as his first client and over 10 years later is still a satisfied customer!

In 2013, Matt and his SRI Hosting team determined to change their name again, this time to reflect the subtle shift in emphasis that had already taken place, going from a hosting company with excellent consulting to a consulting company with a niche hosting platform. It was never an intentional shift to become a consulting company, however clients asked for more and more services, and SRI obliged … to the point that the service overwhelmed the hosting business! Matt has never been particularly creative, so the name change was started by an attempt to acquire a trademark for SRI Technology Group. Unfortunately, that trademark was denied due to a similar SRI already being in existence (Stanford Research Institute). Thus was born Khoza Technology, Inc., a name taken from the Chichewa language, roughly translated as “highly skilled, able to complete.” Matt became enamored with the local language when he visited Malawi in 2013. He was also frustrated with nearly every appropriate English word already being used by other company names. So, he decided to try something different. Khoza had a nice ring to it, khoza.com was available (Why would it not be?), and the whole team agreed the root meaning was perfect for the team’s vision (to be skilled at what they do). So, Khoza it is.

Early in 2015 it became evident the company would continue its evolution. Matt decided to regroup and concentrate on what Khoza does best, which is DevOps, and cloud and traditional hosting solutions. We will still be offering custom hosting, some consulting, and referring site building to proven individuals and businesses who excel and who Khoza is proud to call partners. We are problem solvers, and want to use our wealth of knowledge and experience to meet the challenges of our clients with exceptional service, reliability, and integrity.