The rest of you have sung the last note of Auld Lang Syne and tossed those ridiculous 2016 glasses in the trash. But we at Khoza are just beginning our new year…without the glasses. April 1st is the beginning of our business new year, and we are making a resolution to change things up!

First, we are launching a new website that reflects our renewed commitment to our managed cloud hosting and DevOps support with the personal service, enduring reliability, and impeccable integrity you have come to expect. We have endeavored to provide our website visitors with everything they need to know about Khoza, our personnel, and the services we offer.

We are also committing ourselves to improving a longtime staple of our website, our blog. We want to provide more of them (once a month), both to highlight trends in technology and to show what we have been up to. To that end we will be dropping older articles as they become irrelevant to what we are doing at Khoza or obsolete in the fast-paced world of technology. This will initially take a little time, as we have been blogging for quite a while, and will require us to review our posts periodically in the future. But we want you to get the most out of your time on our site, and eliminating the number of articles you have to wade through is one way we can help.

So, happy New Year! We look forward with anticipation to this coming year of serving you and helping you find the web solutions you need.